Evening menu


Squid from Kattegatt with smoked cream, purée of celeriac and pickled celery

Loin of cod with horse radish, dill, shrimp emulsion, potato crisp och potato cake

Parfait of sea buckthorn with chocolate biscuit, rosemary granité and grated chocolate





Terrine of chickens’ liver with pickled goose berries, pear, dried chicken skin and almonds

Porchetta of pig from Skärshults Farm with pumpkin cream, dried rind och apple sauce

Swiss roll with corn flake ice-cream and sweetened buckwheat



Tartare of elk with powan roe from Junkön, smetana, croutons and pickled onions

Fillet of roe deer med Swedish turnip, mushroom terrine and black berry sauce

”Chocolat nest” with three kinds of berries, pear sorbet and hazel nuts


Vegetarian menu are avalible.

SINCE 2007

Proviants Steak Tartare with condiments and French fries 255:-

Dumplings of pike from Stockholm archipelago with langoustine cream sauce,
Swedish matured cheese, semi dried tomatoes and dill 255:-

Grilled tenderized sirloin with tomato salad, herb and garlic sauce and French fries 385:-

Calf’s liver Anglais 245:-

Crème brulée with tonights fresh flavour  115:-

Selection of Swedish cheese with marmelade 65:-/piece