Dumplings of pike from Stockholm archipelago with langoustine sauce,
västerbotten cheese, carrot and dill 185:-/ 255:-

Steak Tartare with French fries 185:-/ 255:-

Calf’s liver Anglaise 235:-


Crème vichyssoise with blackened smoked salmon, apple and dill 170:-

Croquettes of crab with deep fried Brussel sprout, pickled onion and vinegar mayonnaise 145:-

Roe of white fish from the Baltic sea with mushroom jelly, sour cream, herbs and brown butter bread 155:-

Main Courses

Baked fillet of pike-perch from lake Hjälmaren with beurre blanc, trout roe and variation of beets 290:-

Breast of wild duck from Östergötland with cabbage roll, Jerusalem artichoke and plum jus 295:-

Game casserole with fallow deer, potato purée, mushrooms, smoked
pork belly and pickled onions 265:-

Deep fried broccoli, variaton of pumpkin, crudité of broccoli , a cream of cheese
and pumpkin seeds 195:-


Ask your waiter.


We serve specially selected dishes each day. Ask your waiter.



Mousse of lingon berries with vanilla ice-cream, candy syrup and oxalis 115:-

French toast with brown butter ice-cream, coffee crumble and salted toffee 115:-

Parfait of cottage cheese with sea buckthorn curd and pistachio 115:-

One scoop of ice cream & sorbet 35:-

Selected cheese from the trolley with marmalades 65:- / piece