Dinner menu

Also for take away


Brioche with fried chanterelles, Swedish cheese, water cress and soya emulsion 160:-

Carpaccio of marinated salmon, goat’s cheese cream, croutons of rye bread, poached egg and vinaigrette of fennel, apple and mustard seeds 175:-

Tartare of reindeer from Funäsdalen, green pepper mayonnaise, crispy potatos, pickled carrot,
deep fried capers, smoked sour cream and cheese cream from Hjo 165:-


Proviant’s Steak Tartare with condiments and French fries (100g / 180g) 195:- / 265:-

Calf’s liver Anglais with bacon, capers, mustard cream and red wine sauce 245:-

Cabbage and pork rolls with cream sauce, lingon berries, raw cabbage and boiled potatoes 225:-


Baked char from Jämtland and pike dumplings, crayfish sauce, cheese cake, fried chanterelles, tomato and pickled cumumber 315:-

Roasted celeriac with wheat berries flavoured with cheese and herbes, smoked yoghurt,
salad of fennel and apple and roasted pumpkin seeds 255:-

Duck’s breast with creamed white cabbage, orange sauce, carrots flavored with terragon, autumn mushrooms and roasted hazel nuts 295:-


Grilled tenderized sirloin with tomato salad, herb and garlic sauce and French fries 390:-

Pork chop från Nibble Farm, roasted rootcrops, herb vinaigrette, sage & truffle mayonnaise 290:-

Today’s selection of game with celeriac cake, autumn mushrooms and black currants sauce 325:-

Halibut ”Niçoise”; grilled halibut and vegetables with black olives, crispy lettuce, poached egg,
boiled potatoes, beans, vinaigrette and dijonnaise 320:-


Variation of Swedish berries with raspberry sorbet, lemon curd & black currant juice 125:-

Warm blueberry pie with licorice syrup, hazel nut sabayonne and hazel nut ice cream 125:-

Cheese and marmelade 85:-

Chocolate truffle 40:-

Vegan options are available.
With reservation for any changes.
Evening menu is served Monday – Saturday 17.00 – 22.00.